About us

Founded in 2014 as a print on demand company, I’ve now been printing for over 8 years. We still offer this service but have expanded to offer a full range of stationery.

I discovered my love of laser printing completely by accident while I was at university studying Health Sciences and eventually decided to make it my full time business.

There was just one problem:

What was I going to call it?

For the first few years I changed business name several times before finally settling on The Bouncing Berner. 

And so the business is now named after my Bernese Mountain Dog, Luna.

The breed is commonly known as berners and as for the bouncing bit, well if you’ve ever met Luna you will understand!

You’ll find all kinds of low-cost, high-quality stationery items here with no minimum order quantities, so you can order exactly as much as you need for your business without breaking the bank. We understand that small business don’t always have the resources to place huge orders. We have just a small selection of products available for order on this site but you are welcome to pop us an enquiry if you need a quote for any business stationery and I’ll see how I can help you 

Happy shopping!